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Courtney Schld Any potential ticket lotteries in the future? :)

Ebony Dawkins-Pinar Be amazing to be a contestant on my birthday on the Price Is Right!!! 8/31!!!

Coby Davis Will be in the area...How many times can I go on The Price is Right & Lets Make a Deal during my visit? I can go to each at least one time correct?

Chrissy Esposito Rohlmeier I got a line voucher for the 23rd but didn't print it right away and now i can't figure out how to get back to it. My daughter is dying to go but im not sure what to do. I did not get an email but when i try to go and just get on the waitlist is says that I have already signed up for this show. Help Please.

Kristi Schoeman Went to the worst taping ain't have ever attended for a show called Hypnotize Me which went on for 6 hours in order to get VIPs for DWTS. Haven't heard anything yet. When do we get our tickets since suffered in order to get them? Not only did it go on and on but the group of schoolers behind us talked and texted during the entire taping, including when they were told to be quiet.

Laura-Claire Gadd Can you tell me when the tickets for dancing for the stars will be released? As I have just found out my mum is coming to the states for the first time for my 30th birthday and I would love to take her :) thank you x

Andrew P Rios Looking for battle bots tickets? Help.

Vivi Rachel Hello I send you an email because I do not speak good English, I have received the tikets for so you think you can dance .... we are so happy but my daughter is 9 years old, she made the dance and dream of seeing the show, please may it be allowed to come ... can you answer me quickly show is tomorrow beucoup thank you.

Vivi Rachel hello I have two tikets to see the show , we are in France , my daughter is 9 years old , can she come? she loves to dance and it is so. reve PIUR see the show ... thank

Courtney Harris Nakatani My daughter is excited to see tomorrow's taping. I reserved tickets online but didn't print at that time and still haven't received email confirmation to allow me to print out. Please help.

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