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Kathi Lugg McIntyre Excited to attend Celebrity Name Game on Thursday with my cousin Sue from Wisconsin.

Lisa Lovil Is it Monday? Check! Am I on the #OnCameraAudiences Facebook page? Yup, check! Am I excited?? Yup, yup!! Do I want #DWTS tickets? Oh, yes I do, I do!! Are the priority ticket lottery winners posted yet? Nope, not yet....they're busy...but I keep hoping!!

Victoria Ashford who were this week's front of the line winners? It's MOnday and I don't see May 2nd entry

Julie Hilburn So excited to be bringing my grandkids to a taping of America's got talent tommarow

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Craig Ferguson making his entrance today at Celebrity Name Game with his new EMMY for Outstanding Game Show Host. Love it!! This show is a blast. Get your free tix now at

Lorae McGowan Kittell Just wondering when American Ninja Warrior tickets will be available for the Oklahoma City Taping?

Katie Berger Fail On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Got to the Americas Got Talent 2pm taping, was near the front of the line, and waited for 1.5 hours...only to loose our spot by forcing us to stand next to the red carpet. Now we are going to be last into the theater. Very poorly run.

Don Akin When are tickets for OKC going to be released?

Bobbi White Don't believe this works. BOGUS!

Kristen Shoemaker I have a question. I have tickets for america's got talent coming up and its for four people, but two of them canceled. Can I still go to the event with the same ticket or will I need a new ticket, because all of the tickets are now gone. Just wanted to make sure before making the drive so if you can respond that would be great. Thanks so much

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