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Kat Chavez I've been on the waiting list for FOUR years for So You Think You Can Dance. I've had several friends be on the list for a season and get them!!! Even your website says wait is 3-24 months, that's a far cry from 48 months!!! What gives? Why don't you want me to go?? :((( I can't even try to use the friend that I would be going with's email address because I'm supposedly already "on wait list" and the join waitlist screen won't load for me to put in fresh information. I've tried from my laptop and from my phone!! PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU!!!

Teresa Bell We have line tickets to taping of family feud tomorrow at 12:45 what time should we be there in order to make sure we get in?

Lee Hutchison I was looking at going to a live recording when we are on holiday in LA but it won't accept my mobile number for inputting details. Why would this be?

Leon Volskis AGT - the 'fine print' says..."PRIORITY TICKETS GUARANTEE ADMISSION." Well, that was BULLSHIT at your America's Got Talent taping in Long Island this afternoon. I drove & wasted an hour for NOTHING. And the only 'explanation' that I got from some rude turd at the gate was to make a U-turn & leave. You SUCK for treating people this way.

Suzanne Aguanno Why do you overbook? We had priority seats, the tickets said get there at 10. We drove three hours to get there only to be turned away. Uncool. #agt #agtbethpage

Wendy Marsh Sullivan can u bring waterbottles and snacks into the show tomorrow. Americas got Talent ?? Will we break for lunch??

Martin Tremper I cannot find my confirmation email so that I can print my tickets or get my ticket numbers. Is there a way to go about getting the tickets? The office is closed today. Would I be able to show up and give them my information that I used to obtained the tickets? It is for American Ninja Warrior tonight

Santiago R. Delgado I hope I get tickets to Americas Got Talent! I love this show : )

Hedy Gross Hi,I had tix for tonight agt in long island, ny.got turned away, received email for another day,but Sundays show is all booked as well and we r not available the other days.kids r soooo disaapointed.

Kevin Suresh I have a bunch of priority tickets to see american ninja warrior Friday and Saturday night in Swissvale, PA. I won't be able to attend the event so I'm willing to give it away for free :)

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