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About Us

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. is a full-service television audience company based in Burbank, CA. We are directly contracted by television production companies to manage all aspects of their studio audiences. For over 20 years, OCA has been responsible for procuring, casting and coordinating studio audiences for television's hottest shows all across the country.

Our website provides an opportunity for fans of those shows to obtain tickets and to enhance the studio audience.

For more information about On-Camera Audiences, Inc, please contact us at (818) 295-2700 or email us at tickets@ocatv.com.

For employment opportunities, submit your resume to jobs@ocatv.com.

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Valerie Dolores D'Amato what were the lines like at #ANW in philly tonight? were people lined up super early to get in? what time friday do you suggest I get there for the 8pm taping?

Maxine Webb Batcha Had priority tickets for Family Feud today. Ticket said to be at the venue by 9:30. The venue was the World Congress Center in Atlanta. We arrived at 8:30. We were concerned that no one was there. Other audience members started showing up around 9. Members of the crew started showing up around 9:30. We asked them what was going on but could not get a response. We continued to ask the crew and finally at 10:30, we were told to go see Katie in the parking lot. We located Katie and she told us to return at 1:15. We returned and watched one show. At 5:00 we were told that there were going to be additional delays and was asked to leave. Traveled from Macon to see the show and I feel it was a waste of time.

Jim Woodward Yesterday (5/24/16) was our 2nd time in 45 days to see the show taping. The first time was at the Civic Center and this was at the Georgia World Congress Center. We thought the first visit delay issue was a fluke. You are told upfront to expect to dedicate 4 hours of time to your trip. Due to delays blamed on Steve having unexpected meetings, our 4 hours became 7. We had fun so we tried it again. Our ticket says in order to guarantee your reserved seating, you must arrive by 1:15pm. Got there at 1pm. After standing in line, we were told at 2pm they were overbooked and again Steve had meetings that caused the disruption. Our options were to return at 4:15pm and we would get "priority" seating or they would arrange for another day with priority seating. Since I already set aside their required 4 hours as well as the hour in and back home I didn't want to come another day. We opted to return at 4:15pm. So what part of get there by 1:15pm to guarantee your seat did we not understand?...I guess they did guarantee a seat - just not when I signed up for it. We get back and the young lady who arranged for our priority seating is now in a foul mood. "She lost her help partner and has to do it all by herself." When asked about the priority seating guarantee....we're told to get in line and she would help us when she got to us. Not my definition of "priority seating" when ordered to STAND in line. Now I know why TV and Big Screen productions cost so much. Too much time wasted with people hurrying up to wait extended amounts of time. I wonder if Steve knows he is being blamed for the delays and problems. The hey, "it is free" excuse doesn't fly. It is not free. It cost money to drive to and from and my time has a value to it as well. So this is just a warning to future audience members...be prepared to have your times pushed back...seats are not guaranteed as posted.

Vince Norpel Where to park in Philly tonight???

Loren Jacobs Roscoe Where to park in philly tonight? Thx

Jamie Metter Pasternack If on waitlist for Philly Ninja Warrior taping, when would we find out?

Barbara Moore I was at the taping on 05-18-16 How do I find the airing date online? I can't find it anywhere.

Patricia Armstrong Rodrigue How do you get tickets to ELLEN?

Kathleen Callow Can't wait for American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Regionals!

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