About Us

About Us

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. is a full-service television audience company based in Burbank, CA. We are directly contracted by television production companies to manage all aspects of their studio audiences. For over 20 years, OCA has been responsible for procuring, casting and coordinating studio audiences for television's hottest shows all across the country.

Our website provides an opportunity for fans of those shows to obtain tickets and to enhance the studio audience.

For more information about On-Camera Audiences, Inc, please contact us at (818) 295-2700 or email us at tickets@ocatv.com.

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Suzanne Aguanno Why do you overbook? We had priority seats, the tickets said get there at 10. We drove three hours to get there only to be turned away. Uncool. #agt #agtbethpage

Wendy Marsh Sullivan can u bring waterbottles and snacks into the show tomorrow. Americas got Talent ?? Will we break for lunch??

Martin Tremper I cannot find my confirmation email so that I can print my tickets or get my ticket numbers. Is there a way to go about getting the tickets? The office is closed today. Would I be able to show up and give them my information that I used to obtained the tickets? It is for American Ninja Warrior tonight

Santiago R. Delgado I hope I get tickets to Americas Got Talent! I love this show : )

Hedy Gross Hi,I had tix for tonight agt in long island, ny.got turned away, received email for another day,but Sundays show is all booked as well and we r not available the other days.kids r soooo disaapointed.

Kevin Suresh I have a bunch of priority tickets to see american ninja warrior Friday and Saturday night in Swissvale, PA. I won't be able to attend the event so I'm willing to give it away for free :)

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

Jackie Stubbs Robinson My cousins and I attended a taping of Family Feud in Atlanta today! It was absolutely wonderful! We had a fabulous time. Steve Harvey is the greatest host EVER and the FF staff were great and courteous.

PaulStubbert CorinneDeraspe I would like to purchase tickets to family feud tapings this summer...I am from Canada but I see no option for canadian residents ...just states.. we are planning our vacation around these tickets...we are arriving in Nashville in |July on the 15th ...a couple days after that would be great !

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