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On-Camera Audiences, Inc. is a full-service television audience company based in Burbank, CA. We are directly contracted by television production companies to manage all aspects of their studio audiences. For over 20 years, OCA has been responsible for procuring, casting and coordinating studio audiences for television's hottest shows all across the country.

Our website provides an opportunity for fans of those shows to obtain tickets and to enhance the studio audience.

For more information about On-Camera Audiences, Inc, please contact us at (818) 295-2700 or email us at tickets@ocatv.com.

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Kevin Caccavalla anyone want to go to a taping of Hells Kitchen tomorrow night i have 3 extra seats i am looking for someone to drive there since i don't have a car it will take place in Berverly Hills at the saban theater we need to be there by 2 pm IM me if you want to go thanks i am in san pedro ca

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. It's Hanukkah! Who's your favorite HANUKKAH HOTTIE? This list is for the LADIES. #hanukkah #holidayseason http://www.sheckys.com/2013/11/27/hanukkah-hotties-our-favorite-jewish-celebs/14/

Belen Garcia On my way tomorrow.... Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth Cleggett i flew all the way out there for fifthy anniversary show, didn't get picked when show aired the area i live in had snow storm never saw show

Mrs. Syndal Gaudin https://www.facebook.com/mrssyndalgaudin?ref=bookmarks

David Enk Will you be handling the tickets for the AGT auditions in Chicago next month? My family would love to be in the audience!

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. The audience is getting into the song before the show #lmad

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

Carmen Uden Schutte How do you find when a show airs that we attended

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