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Do you know a teen who would love to attend TEEN CHOICE 2017 this Sunday, August 13th in Los Angeles? We are now casting the pit and are looking for fans!! PLEASE SHARE to spread the word. Click here to join the lottery now!

SHARE and TAG with friends and family who love America's Got Talent because TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! Don't delay! Click4Tix: #AGT #summer #seeitlive #hollywood #losangeles

So You Think You Can Dance 🙌🔥 first live show was unreal! The incredible energy from the audience brought us over the top! Be sure to tag yourself if you #sawitlive tonight! #SYTYCD #FOX ...Sign up for tix to see it live 👉

To all the kids, parents, and grandparents listen up! The producers of America's Got Talent and American Idol bring to you a NEW family friendly game show called The NOISE! This show challenges 2 teams of kids at something they're usually not good at...being QUIET! It's so much fun to watch LIVE, and the min age to be in the audience is 8 yrs old, so bring the whole family down to join the party! Priority tickets available! Click Here: Have Fun!

Meet Rachael! She's one of our coordinators that often works The Price Is Right, So You Think You Can Dance, and Let's Make A Deal! Be sure to say Hi, next time you see it live! Subscribe and share for more content! #MeettheStaffMondays #MeettheStaff #Mondays

SHARE with a friend that you want to bring to Let's Make A Deal and COMMENT on what you want to win if Wayne Brady picks you! #lmad #seeitlive #losangeles Click for Your Tickets - Link for more videos:

Listen up FOX Teen Choice Awards fans! Jake Paul will be hosting the #TeenFest2017 on Sunday, August 13th and it's going to be epic! Tickets will be released next week, but submit your info today to be notified for your free festival tickets! Performances by Echosmith New Hope Club PRETTYMUCH and so many more, you can't miss the opportunity to see it live! Click for more details and submission info 👉

"Meet the Staff Mondays" is here, Meet Amanda! She is one of our newest audience coordinators and she's here to help you when you see your favorite TV shows live. Learn a little bit about her, and remember to say "Hey Amanda!" The next time you check out a show! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE our new youtube page to meet more of the staff, and stay updated on new content coming your way!

Meet John, he's one of our lead coordinators, and is always there to lend a helping hand! Whether it's at The Price Is Right or any of our shows, John or one of our many coordinators wearing black are there to help YOU! Never hesitate to ask for a coordinator when you SEE IT LIVE! Click4Tix 👉

Seeing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at Bally's Las Vegas makes for a very memorable day! Trivia, money, and THE Chris Harrison...what else could you want?! If you're in #LasVegas and you haven't seen this show LIVE, than get to it!!! Click4Tix:

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